Evolution of Trampolines.

All of our trampolines have been designed with years of thought, research and testing by a trampoline coach who has pondered the flaws of existing designs. Rebound Products pioneered the use of two leg braces per corner. This drastic improvement to frame stability, sideways at the ends is now the industry standard for all competitive trampolines. Many other innovations went un-noticed and un-copied. With the combination of our bed, springs, frame and accessories you get the best, longest lasting bounce!

Rosie-MacLennan-picDave Ross and Olympic Gold Medalist Rosie MacLennan

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Springs designed for Power.

To create the astonishing bounce of all Rebound Trampolines, we started by redesigning our springs to match the power of today’s beds. The result has been the creation of a spring that out performs any others.
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Longest Lasting Bed. Saves you money.

The Dave Ross string bed provides a smooth stable bounce that will outlast any other competitive bed.
Web beds are held together with lengthwise stitching which creates a tearing action on the width-wise
webbing. With the increased lifetime, Dave Ross String beds let you do more, for longer than ever.
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How to calculate your bed costs

How to calculate
your bed cost.
Option A:
Dave Ross 2 String
Option B:
4/4mm Web
7×14 Price as of March 2016. $2300 CAD $4100 CAD
Estimated Bed life. 12 years 2 years
Cost per year. $2300/12 = $192 $4100/2 = $2050
Savings per year with String Bed. $2050-$192 = $1858 CAD*
Multiply $1858 by the number of beds in your club and the number of years you will operate. Now that is saving! *Prices shown are for Canada.

Lasts 6x Longer
Saves $1858/year

DR2 String Bed

Trampoline at its safest.
With Rebound Tapered Frame Pads.

The most impressive frame pads on the market. They are both thicker and tapered. The taper allows for a
smaller bed side thickness and a maximum thickness where it is needed most, against the metal frame.

Up To 4″ thick

Super Tramp Frame Pads


Customer Testimonial


Christine Paquin

Viagym (Terrebonne, QC, Canada)

“Equipment that lasts over countless years. We have confidence with all the products that Rebound makes. They are the safest and most reliable as they have been tested in real training environments by the most renowned athletes and coaches in Canada and also internationally. They are designed by experienced people who have an impressive knowledge of the characteristics of our wonderful world of aerial aerobatics. The different throw pits are ideal for safely learning new skills. They are also continually researching and innovating to evolve trampoline equipment.”

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Eurotramp Modified ultimate Folding Trampoline
Rebound-7x14-Folding-Trampoline Innovated-to-the-very-last-detail.-And-then-some

Eurotramp Modified ultimate Folding Trampoline

Rebound has collaborated with Eurotramp to produce the ultimate frame which incorporated the leg stiffness and corner bracing of the... Read More »

Rebound Folding Trampolines
1_foldingframe1 spring-pic Rebound-6x2-Folding Dave-Ross-2-String-Bed Rebound-Frame-Clips Rebound-Frame-Pad-Lifters Rebound-HP-Springs Rebound-Roller-Stands Rebound-Tapered-Frame-Pads

Rebound Folding Trampolines

We our proud to offer the only frame in the world made for powerful beds, as all other 6×12 folding... Read More »

Rebound Non-Folding Trampolines
2_non-fold-complete-004 floor-protector2 2_non-fold-complete-color_correct 2_non-fold-complete-color_correct non_fold_complete_004

Rebound Non-Folding Trampolines

The Rebound 7×14 non-folding trampoline is the same size as a competition trampoline, but is the first and only non-fold... Read More »

Rebound Super Tramp
Spotting Rope Throw Mats Twisting Belts Bungee Rope

Rebound Super Tramp

Rebound Products is the only trampoline manufacturer in the world trying to build the ultimate bouncing machine.The Super tramp is... Read More »

Rebound Power Track Complete
trampolines_6_Powertrack-09 trampolines_6_Powertrack-end-09 6_Powertrack-end-09-300x200 6_Powertrack-09 6_Powertrack-end-09-300x200

Rebound Power Track Complete

Our power track frame is designed to give a stable platform to our amazing beds and springs.... Read More »

Rebound Performance Single Mini-Tramp
minitramp_main MT rebound-mini-tramp rebound-mini-tramp1 rebound-mini-tramp-feature bill-young-pic rebound-mini-tramp

Rebound Performance Single Mini-Tramp

With the new Mini-Tramp, Dave Ross set out to create a powerhouse: engineer a low flex frame that can safely... Read More »

Eurotramp Folding Trampolines

Eurotramp Folding Trampolines

Rebound Products is a Eurotramp dealer. We can get any trampoline frame or in fact any equipment they sell.... Read More »

Double Mini-Tramp

Double Mini-Tramp

All new Rebound DMT with 6 mm web bed or Dave Ross 2 string. Both include tapered, thick frame pads... Read More »