The most carefully researched and emulated trampoline spring in the world. No one has copied all our life extending and safety features. Smoothest bounce. Longest lifetime. First producer of corner springs, (12 needed per trampoline). Years of fine tuning has enabled us to produce a spring that is almost as light as standard competition springs, but has more than double the lifetime. We have been told time and time again that we should not provide such a spring to the market, as they don’t wear out fast enough. Well, we have been doing exactly that for years, and the Clubs love them! Now the Rebound spring is the only one that can stand up to the extra demands of Wall trampolines. And the quest is not finished! As everyone else produces the same spring despite significant recent increases in the power of competitive trampoline beds, only Rebound is making further refinements to match the new higher demands on the springs when athletes jump to new heights.

High performance tramp spring,
(also for 4/6mm)….. Price $5.00
Corner spring……… Price $5.00
DMT spring…………. Price $5.50
MT spring…………… Price $4.80
Spring extenders….. Price $0.42