Rebound Springs

The most carefully researched and emulated trampoline spring in the world. No one has copied all our life extending and safety features. Smoothest bounce. Longest lifetime. First producer of corner springs, (12 needed per trampoline).
Years of fine tuning has enabled us to produce a trampoline spring that is almost as light as standard competition springs, but has more than double the lifetime. We have been told time and time again that we should not provide such a spring to the market, as they don’t wear out fast enough. Well, we have been doing exactly that ever since we started selling springs in 1980. We are proud of that and the Clubs love them! Now the Rebound spring is the only one that can stand up to the extra demands of wall trampolines. Despite the recent increases in bed power, most manufacturers still supply stock springs. Meanwhile Rebound already has the spring capable of meeting these new higher demands. And the quest is not finished!

High performance tramp spring,
(also for 4/6mm)
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Corner spring Price Call.
DMT spring Price Call.
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Super tramp spring Price Call.
Eurotramp TR & DMT spring Price Call.


Over 30 years of research! The ultimate trampoline springs.
Written by Dave Ross.

Customer Testimonial

Cirque du Soleil’s MJ One (Las Vegas)

“I have been using trampoline equipment for 30 years as a Canadian National Team member, a Cirque du Soleil performer, and a Cirque du Soleil coach. Over those years I have tried all sorts of equipment and none of it has matched the performance and durability of Rebound Product’s equipment. I would recommend Rebound Products for all trampoline equipment needs, because of their leading edge equipment and the knowledge of Dave and his staff.”
– Paul Cameron-

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