Rebound 7×14 Folding Trampoline
PRICE Call. Complete. and Frame only.
Eurotramp Modified
Ultimate Folding Trampoline
Dave Ross shares his knowledge with Eurotramp.

Rebound has collaborated with Eurotramp to produce the ultimate frame which incorporated the leg stiffness and corner bracing of the Steadfast – 1 with laser cut parts, top quality steel and new fast connection leg braces. Dave Ross has already further improved this great frame with longer support chains, safer leg tops and Rebound Frame Clips. This modified ultimate frame is our 6th generation design.

Innovated to the very last detail. And then some.

Creating such a precise and powerful trampoline brings increased risk of injury. Dave has meticulously studied the Ultimate frame design inside and out. The result is the removal of this unnecessary metal piece found on the leg tops.

When you purchase this Modified ultimate Trampoline from Rebound you will also get all of our custom upgrades, making it the double ultimate trampoline.

Performance and design taken right to the edge.

Every new Rebound Motified 7×14 Ultimate trampoline complete comes with Rebound
Tapered Frame pads, Rebound Frame Pad Lifters, Dave Ross 2 String Bed, Rebound
HP Springs Frame Clips and Rebound Roller Stands.


Rebound Tapered Frame Pads

Most stable and secure frame pads in the world.
Thicker on the frame where needed.
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Rebound Frame Pad Lifters

10% performance boost.
Lasts 50 times longer than any others.
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Dave Ross 2 String Bed

Lasts 5 times longer than a web bed.
Maintains size, stability and power.
Broken strings can be easily repaired.
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Rebound HP Springs

Lasts 2 times longer than any others.
Safe spring hook design.
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Rebound Frame Clips

Reduces wear on the frame.
Avoids costly frame repairs.
Reduces noise from springs.
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Rebound Roller Stands

Non-adjustable for safety.
Transports at lower height.