Do you want to represent a market leader?
Is providing safe, durable products at a competitive
price important? Do you want to work with a
partner who wants you to succeed?

We thought so…
Rebound Products has been in business for more than 30 years,
providing safe, durable and high performance trampolines and
trampoline accessories to clubs, associations and event
producers worldwide.
Our products last longer, perform better and cost significantly
less than the competition. Safety is first and foremost and we
ensure that our products are manufactured to international
specifications. Product innovation is also critical.
Our string beds are stitching free construction, which means
nothing to tear the material. Many coaches and athletes
choose to train on our string beds as they perform consistently
and feel better on the feet. We are also known for our springs,
which have been a market leader for more than 30 years.
We are proud to be led by Dave Ross, our founder and owner,
as well as Olympic coach and club owner, who is committed
to collaborating and working with Dealers to deliver the
right balance of performance, durability and price.
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