10×20 Dave Ross 1 String

Rebound Products is the only trampoline manufacturer in the world trying to build the ultimate bouncing machine.

The Super Tramp is the equivalent of Formula one in the automotive world. This project was started in 1981. We put as much of the technology learned during this project in our smaller products as the FIG standard and the need to match common competition equipment allows.

The current Super Tramp has a 10ft by 20ft bed. This is double the surface area! Trampoline is 42% bigger in each direction. In theory an athlete can jump 42% higher by depressing the bed further to reach the same maximum bounce force on his body and have the needed larger target.

We have produced the only larger than normal trampoline on which athletes can bounce higher than normal. This is done using a 1 by 1 string open weave, one piece bed, which allows incredibly high airflow. So far we have achieved 30% height increases. The quest continues…

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